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May 10 ASCS National Series Event Info - American Sprint Car Series

ASCS National Series

Red Dirt Raceway | Meeker, Oklahoma

Feature Results
188Terry Easum0$0
22CSeth Bergman0$0
378Tanner Conn0$0
445XKyler Johnson0$0
52WWhit Gastineau0$0
61Sean McClelland0$0
715DAndrew Deal0$0
836Jason Martin0$0
995Matt Covington0$0
109$Kyle Clark0$0
1171Brady Baker0$0
1210Landon Britt0$0
1355BBrandon Anderson0$0
1488RRyder Laplante0$0
152JZach Blurton0$0
16938Bradley Fezard0$0
1703Joe Wood Jr0$0
1815HSam Hafertepe Jr0$0
19V8Robert Vetter0$0
2055Chase Brown0$0
2191Michael Day0$0
2216GAustyn Gossel0$0
236Koty Adams0$0
248Alex Sewell0$0
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Race Recap
SOONER THE BETTER: Terry Easum Scores First ASCS Victory at Red Dirt Raceway

SOONER THE BETTER: Terry Easum Scores First ASCS Victory at Red Dirt Raceway

The new chapter of the American Sprint Car Series continues to add intriguing storylines with each new paragraph, such as two “firsts” in one night for the National Tour on Friday.

During the National Tour’s debut at Red Dirt Raceway, in Meeker, OK, “Sooner State” native and 2024 Rookie of the Year contender, Terry Easum out dueled veterans and local stars to score his first ASCS victory.

He did so the hard way, too, starting a few rows deep in seventh and driving his way up through the field around the ¼-mile bullring.

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Event Info

ASCS National Series

May 10, 2024

Red Dirt Raceway

343250 E. 1000 Rd HWY 18

Meeker, Oklahoma 74855

Event Description
The American Sprint Car Series National Tour will make its debut at Red Dirt Raceway for a one-day show in Oklahoma. Joining the National Tour will also be the ASCS Sooner Region.
Series Racing
ASCS National Series, ASCS Sooner Region
Event Schedule
Pit gates open at 5:00
Grandstand gates open at 6:00
Races at 7:30
* All Times Central
Track Info
Track Phone
(405) 318-0198
Track Map

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