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Lasoski Takes 360 Nationals Night One

Bryan Hulbert – Knoxville, Iowa (August 2, 2012) Danny Lasoski pulled the veteran card on the opening night of the 22nd Arnold Motor Supply 360 Nationals at the famed Knoxville Raceway, outlasting several slide jobs from early race leader Jonathan Cornell.

“The bottom was slowing down and so I was actually just idling though there” commented Lasoski.

Continuing in victory lane, Lasoski expanded on running the bottom, “I wasn’t event throttling it through there but when I saw him [Jonathan Cornell] I had to get up in the seat and get the job done.”

Riding in the runner up spot for the first pair of laps, the Mark Burch Motorsports No. 1m drove the inside line on the Kiowa Line Builders No. 28 of Cornell. Pulling side by side on the third circuit, Lasoski would take the top spot on lap four before the caution flew for the 22h of Randy Hannagan who would not restart. The Hurricane would be scored twenty-third.

Back underway, the fight on the track would be for third as Kevin Swindell charged to the inside line to go three wide with Jack Dover and Ryan Anderson. Retaking the show position with twelve laps to run, Dover would run nearly a straight-a-way behind the battle for the lead.

Crossing the half-way point of the nights twenty lap feature event, the fight for the lead was all over the track as Danny Lasoski and Jonathan Cornell proceeded to exchange the top spot six times over the course of two laps with both driver utilizing the bottom and top grooves.

Getting out of the two lap battle with the race lead, Cornell would again go for the lead with seven to go only to see Lasoski again pulling out front before the caution waved on lap sixteen for the spun No. 94 of Terry McCarl who would restart at the tail.

Lining up for the restart, the driver on the move was nineteenth starting Brian Brown. Taking the Casey’s General Store No. 21 to the high side, Brown would move into fifth over Brady Bacon.

Racing to the final two laps, Jonathan Cornell was on the move. Punishing the cushion of the Knoxville Raceway, the Sedalia, Missouri racer was on the back bumper of Lasoski as the white flag waved. Pulling off turn two, the win was in sight but it was not to be as the left rear tire exploded on VKCC No. 28, allowing Lasoski to drive away to only his second 360 feature win.

Brian Brown crossed the line second with Kevin Swindell climbing from sixth to round out the podium. Jack Dover would hold onto fourth with Jonathan Cornell able to limp his car across the line for fifth.

Brad Sweet finished sixth with Brady Bacon falling back to seventh. Paul McMahan would take eighth with Ryan Anderson and Kyle Larson making up the top ten.

Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by MAVTV
22nd Arnold Motor Supply 360 Knoxville Nationals – Night #1
Knoxville Raceway – Knoxville, Iowa

Car Count: 56

Qualifying Results:

40 Clint Garner Sioux Falls, SD 16.147
99 Brady Bacon Broken Arrow, OK 16.243
14 Randy Martin California, MO 16.307
7x Dustin Selvage Indianola, IA 16.324
22H Randy Hannagan Pittsboro, IN 16.350
39 Kevin Swindell Charlotte, NC 16.415
4 Jon Agan Knoxville, IA 16.449
53D Jack Dover Springfield, NE 16.458
01 Paul McMahan Nashville, TN 16.464
1m Danny Lasoski Dover, MO 16.494
2m Matt Moro Polk City, IA 16.495
71R Ryan Anderson Deloit, IA 16.499
28 Jonathan Cornell Sedalia, MO 16.505
69 Larry Howery Hearne, TX 16.507
94 Terry McCarl Altoona, IA 16.520
49 Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA 16.534
48 Jake Martens Fairview, OK 16.580
51 David Hall Des Moines, IA 16.614
5J Josh Higday Des Moines, IA 16.639
7K Jac Haudenschild Wooster, OH 16.642
5H Logan Forler Lake Havasu City, AZ 16.661
15 Bobby Mincer Burlington, IA 16.666
1J Danny Jennings Norman, OK 16.673
10 Jesse Giannetto Cedar Rapids, IA 16.685
31 Mark Pace Lincoln, NE 16.692
1K Kyle Larson Elk Grove, CA 16.698
47T Tony Shilling Knoxville, IA 16.698
33v Henry Van Dam Enumclaw, WA 16.727
45 Tony Norem Dassel, MN 16.728
71 RJ Johnson Tampa, FL 16.743
3m Russ Hall Pleasant Hill, IA 16.744
7TAZ Tasker Phillips Pleasantville, IA 16.770
9JR Derek Hagar Marion, AR 16.774
56 Davey Heskin St. Michael, MN 16.779
21 Brian Brown Grain Valley, MO 16.791
98 JD Johnson Wichita, KS 16.797
17 Jared Horstman Ottoville, OH 16.798
4s Danny Smith Chillicothe, OH 16.867
6 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Olive Branch, MS 16.888
11c Matt Covington Glenpool, OK 16.938
4J Lee Grosz Harwood, ND 16.944
18R Ryan Roberts Aurora, NE 16.986
17r Aaron Reutzel Clute, TX 17.066
86 Kyle Bellm Nixa, MO 17.081
2K Kevin Ingle Huron, SD 17.126
2 Dustin Morgan Tulsa, OK 17.161
27 Daryn Pittman Owasso, OK 17.248
20K Thomas Kennedy Winnipeg, MB, Can., 17.268
93A Alan Ambers Knoxville, IA 17.348
4x Shawn Peterson Irving, TX 17.376
21T Ray Allen Kulhanek Magnolia, TX 17.400
11w Chris Ackland Bullsbrook, WA, Aust, 17.401
87 Justin Carver Millington, TN 17.455
33 Alan Zoutte Knoxville, IA 17.479
35 Rick Wright Jr. Ponca City, OK 17.565
53 Joe Beaver Knoxville, IA No Time

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 1k-Kyle Larson[1]; 2. 5h-Logan Forler[2]; 3. 39-Kevin Swindell[5]; 4. 49-Brad Sweet[3]; 5. 40-Clint Garner[6]; 6. 2m-Matt Morrow[4]; 7. 3m-Russ Hall[7]; 8. 98-J.D. Johnson[8]; 9. 2-Dustin Morgan[10]; 10. 4j-Lee Grosz[9]

Heat 2: 1. 47T-Tony Shilling[1]; 2. 71r-Ryan Anderson[4]; 3. 99-Brady Bacon[6]; 4. 15-Bobby Mincer[2]; 5. 4-Jon Agan[5]; 6. 48-Jake Martens[3]; 7. 17-Jared Horstman[8]; 8. 27-Daryn Pittman[10]; 9. 18r-Ryan Roberts[9]; 10. 7taz-Tasker Phillips[7]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 1J-Danny Jennings[2]; 2. 33v-Henry VanDam[1]; 3. 28-Jonathan Cornell[4]; 4. 53d-Jack Dover[5]; 5. 14-Randy Martin[6]; 6. 51-Dave Hall[3]; 7. 4s-Danny Smith[8]; 8. 20k-Thomas Kennedy[10]; 9. 87-Aaron Reutzel[9]; 10. 9jr-Derek Hagar[7]

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 10-Jesse Giannetto[2]; 2. 01-Paul McMahan[5]; 3. 6-Ricky Stenhouse Jr[8]; 4. 45-Tony Norem[1]; 5. 56-Davey Heskin[7]; 6. 5j-Josh Higday[3]; 7. 93a-Alan Ambers[10]; 8. 86-Kyle Bellm[9]; DNF 7-Dustin Selvage[6]; DNF 69-Larry Howery[4]

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 22H-Randy Hannagan[6]; 2. 1m-Danny Lasoski[5]; 3. 71r-Ryan Anderson; 4. 21-Brian Brown[7]; 5. 31-Mark Pace[2]; 6. 11c-Matt Covington[8]; 7. 94-Terry McCarl[4]; 8. 2k-Kevin Ingle[9]; 9. 4x-Shawn Petersen[10]; DNF 7k-Jac Haudenschild[3]

C Feature (10 Laps): 1. 18r-Ryan Roberts[7]; 2. 7k-Jac Haudenschild[3]; 3. 9jr-Derek Hagar[5]; 4. 87-Justin Carver[13]; 5. 87-Aaron Reutzel[8]; 6. 7taz-Tasker Phillips[4]; 7. 21t-Ray Allen Kulhanek[11]; 8. 2-Dustin Morgan[9]; 9. 69-Larry Howery[2]; 10. 33-Alan Zoutte[14]; 11. 35-Rick Wright Jr[15]; 12. 11w-Chris Ackland[12]; DNF 4x-Shawn Petersen[10]; DNS 7-Dustin Selvage; DNS 4j-Lee Grosz; DNS 53-Joe Beaver

B Feature (12 Laps): 1. 94-Terry McCarl[5]; 2. 40-Clint Garner[1]; 3. 48-Jake Martens[6]; 4. 4-Jon Agan[3]; 5. 3m-Russ Hall[10]; 6. 14-Randy Martin[2]; 7. 11c-Matt Covington[15]; 8. 4s-Danny Smith[14]; 9. 98-J.D. Johnson[12]; 10. 27-Daryn Pittman[18]; 11. 5j-Josh Higday[8]; 12. 87-Justin Carver[24]; 13. 18r-Ryan Roberts[21]; 14. 17-Jared Horstman[13]; 15. 2m-Matt Morrow[4]; 16. 86-Kyle Bellm[16]; 17. 2k-Kevin Ingle[17]; 18. 31-Mark Pace[9]; DNF 93a-Alan Ambers[20]; DNF 9jr-Derek Hagar[23]; DNF 7k-Jac Haudenschild[22]; DNS 51-Dave Hall; DNS 56-Davey Heskin; DNS 20k-Thomas Kennedy

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 1m-Danny Lasoski[3]; 2. 21-Brian Brown[19]; 3. 39-Kevin Swindell[6]; 4. 53d-Jack Dover[5]; 5. 28-Jonathan Cornell[1]; 6. 49-Brad Sweet[9]; 7. 99-Brady Bacon[8]; 8. 01-Paul McMahan[4]; 9. 71r-Ryan Anderson[2]; 10. 1k-Kyle Larson[14]; 11. 10-Jesse Giannetto[13]; 12. 6-Ricky Stenhouse Jr[20]; 13. 40-Clint Garner[22]; 14. 47T-Tony Shilling[15]; 15. 71-R.J. Johnson[18]; 16. 33v-Henry VanDam[16]; 17. 94-Terry McCarl[21]; 18. 48-Jake Martens[23]; 19. 15-Bobby Mincer[11]; 20. 45-Tony Norem[17]; DNF 1J-Danny Jennings[12]; DNF 5h-Logan Forler[10]; DNF 22H-Randy Hannagan[7]; DNS 4-Jon Agan

Lap Leader(s): Jonathan Cornell (1-4)(12-13), Danny Lasoski (5-11)(14-20) Hard Charger of the Night: Brian Brown+17
FSR Radiator High Point Driver: N/A
Provisional(s): N/A

Arnold Motor Supply 360 Knoxville Nationals Points (after night one)

2012 Feature Winners: Jason Johnson-8, Wayne Johnson-7, Brady Bacon-5, Tony Bruce Jr.-3, Brian Brown-1, Seth Bergman-1, Danny Lasoski-2, Jason Martin-1, Dustin Morgan-1, Danny Wood-1, Cody Baker-1, Jordan Boston-1, Brock Lemley-1, Shane Stewart-1, Mason Moore-1, Brad Loyet-1

The 2012 season marks the 21st year of sanctioning Sprint Car racing for the American Sprint Car Series, which brings the best of Sprint Car racing to dozens of different tracks throughout the nation and into Canada. Anchored by the Lucas Oil Sprint Car Series, ASCS also consists of ten different Regions throughout the nation.

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Photo Credit: Tim Aylwin