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Davis Charges to Canyon Region Victory

Bryan Hulbert – Apache Junction, Arizona (September 8, 2012) – Charles Davis Jr. continued his dominance of the American Sprint Car Series lone non-wing division this past Saturday night, picking up his fifth win of the 2012 season with the ASCS Canyon Region.

Pushing off from the eighth spot at Apache Junction’s Arizona Speedway, Davis raced past Bruce St. James late in the night’s 30 lap A-Feature for the win. James would hold onto finish second with R.J. Johnson claiming third. Josh Pelkey made the drive of the night coming from twenty-second to fourth with Chris Bonneau rounding out the top five. Mike Martin, Rick Ziehl, Michael Bonneau, Bob Ream Jr., and Mike Rux Jr. completed the top ten.

ASCS Canyon Region
Arizona Speedway – Apache Junction, Arizona
September 8, 2012

Car Count: 23

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 21-Shon Deskins; 2. 78-Chris Bonneau; 3. 29-Michael Bonneau; 4. 41W-Rick Ziehl; 5. 80-Preston (Bugs) Norbury; 6. 22-Mike Rux Jr; 7. 77-Dalten Gabbard; DNS 5X-Jody Wirth

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 8-Bob Ream Jr; 2. 51-R.J. Johnson; 3. 19-Andrew Reinbold; 4. 32B-Brian Hosford; 5. XXX-Zach Sawyers; 6. 3-Leland Fuller; 7. 17K-Kyle Danielson; 8. 12-Josh Pelkey

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 50-Charles Davis Jr; 2. 16-Mike Martin; 3. 7K-Bruce St. James; 4. 14-Darrell Sickles; 5. 53-Tommy Lee; 6. 6JT-Michael Curtis; 7. 93-Justin Quinn

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 50-Charles Davis Jr; 2. 7K-Bruce St. James; 3. 51-R.J. Johnson; 4. 12-Josh Pelkey; 5. 78-Chris Bonneau; 6. 16-Mike Martin; 7. 41W-Rick Ziehl; 8. 29-Michael Bonneau; 9. 8-Bob Ream Jr; 10. 22-Mike Rux Jr; 11. 14-Darrell Sickles; 12. 21-Shon Deskins; 13. 17K-Kyle Danielson; 14. 80-Preston (Bugs) Norbury; 15. 6JT-Michael Curtis; 16. 3-Leland Fuller; 17. 19-Andrew Reinbold; 18. 32B-Brian Hosford; 19. 77-Dalten Gabbard; 20. XXX-Zach Sawyers; 21. 53-Tommy Lee; 22. 93-Justin Quinn

Photo Credit: Terry Shaw