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Whittington Victorious At Pike County With ASCS Hurricane Area Super Sprints

For the second time in 2024, Louisiana’s Lane Whittington rolled into Victory Lane, with his latest triumph coming at Mississippi’s Pike County Speedway on Saturday night with the ASCS Hurricane Area Super Sprints.

Leading start-to-finish in the tour’s first appearance in two years, Whittington rocketed the top of the speedway on the opening circuit with a two-car pass coming off the fourth turn to secure the point.

Fending off challenges through several restarts, the No. 9 paced to the checkered flag with 1.817-seconds to spare over eighth-starting, Shane Morgan. Jason Breeland crossed third with Tommy Hall fourth. Moving from 13th, Steve Byunm completed the top five.

The ASCS Hurricane Area Super Sprints race again on Saturday, July 13 at Greenville Speedway.

The ASCS Hurricane Area Super Sprints is under the direction of Stefen Oakes. For questions regarding rules, procedures, and events, contact Stefen Oakes at or call (985) 285-9177.

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ASCS Hurricane Area Super Sprints
Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, Miss.)
Saturday, June 29, 2024

A-Feature (25 Laps) 1. 9-Lane Whittington[4]; 2. 01-Shane Morgan[8]; 3. 06-Jason Breeland[6]; 4. 2H-Tommy Hall[9]; 5. 18-Steve Byunm[13]; 6. 83-Blake Carrier[7]; 7. 8-Kevin Baham[19]; 8. D13-Jeffrey Dooley[16]; 9. 94-Parker Davis[20]; 10. 67-Blake Mallette[18]; 11. 56T-DL (Tank) Brashier[14]; 12. M1-Levi Beard[15]; 13. 13X-Jake Brashier[3]; 14. 1D-Prestin Dalton[5]; 15. 21-Butch David[1]; 16. 17-Adam Moneyhun[11]; 17. 3-Cary Farmer[12]; 18. L37-Scott Craft[2]; 19. 57-John Robicheaux[10]; 20. (DNS) 16-Evan McElhaney