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Ziehl Strikes in Southwest Stand at CSP!!

Cody Morris, PEORIA, ARIZONA (4-7-2012) – Four time and defending ASCS Southwest region champion Rick Ziehl entered Saturday’s 2nd Annual Eggstravaganza at Canyon Speedway Park trailing in the 2012 Southwest points chase. Not anymore.

Drawing the pole position for the 25 lap ASCS Southwest main event, Ziehl immediately checked out aboard the Bay Hayes Motorsports and Ei22 sponsored no. 20z.

A pair of late race stoppages grew the possibility of a challenge, but Ziehl sped both away, cruising to his 1st ASCS Southwest victory of the 2012 campaign and keeping Southwest loot out of the Grand Canyon State for the fifth time in 5 events thus far in the campaign.

Bob Ream Jr. crossed the finish line with runner up honors, with Mike Melton taking show position honors. J.T. Imperial and Josh Pelkey rounded out the top 5 running order.

Entering the weekend with a rare advantage in the ASCS Southwest point standings, Peoria’s hometown favorite Dalten Gabbard was struck with mechanical woes late in the main event, reducing him to a disappointing 13th place finish.

A Feature: 1. 20z – Rick Ziehl (1); 2. 5- Bob Ream Jr. (3); 3. 16 – Mike Martin (6); 4. 1x – J.T. Imperial (7); 5. 31 – Josh Pelkey (2); 6. 41w – Josh Williams (5); 7. 90 – Lance Norick (10); 8. 22 – Mike Rux Jr. (4); 9. 13 – Glenn Brace (13); 10. 4c – Bill Chester (9); 11. 14 – Darrell Sickles (12); 12. 99 – Chuck Jackson (14); 13. 77 – Dalten Gabbard (8); 14. 41x – Gary Williams (11)
Lap Leaders: Ziehl 1-25

Heat Winners: J.T Imperial, Josh Williams

Featured Photo Credit: Terry Shaw