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Trevor Lewis Dominates Sunday Night ASCS Patriot

[b Trevor Lewis Dominates Sunday Night ASCS Patriot Special at Cayuga County]

Rich Vleck, WEEDSPORT, NY (July 12, 2009) – After a tough break in a “racing deal” on Friday Night, Trevor Lewis and his McClaren Motorsports No. 21L team were on a mission and they proved it Sunday Night to dominate the 25-lap A-Verdi A-Main.

Lewis, of Upper Black Eddy, PA, took the lead from Jason Barney going in to turn three on the opening lap and never looked back, letting nothing phase him for his second Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Win of the season.

“The guys definitely hit the setup tonight,” declared the towering Lewis in Victory Lane. “We came in very focused after that deal on Friday (when he spun out while leading at Brewerton) and it couldn’t have worked out any better.”

Lewis moved from third to second in the fourth and final National Parts Peddler Heat Race, which was just enough to land him in the redraw. After pulling the No. 2 tennis ball, all that was in front of him at the drop of the green flag was clear race track, a view he would get very used to.

With red and yellow flags peppering the early stages of the 4th A-Verdi King of CNY A-main of the year, Lewis never had to deal with lapped traffic. By the time he finally he hit the back of the pack it was lap 22 and he had a four second lead.

“These New York tracks are so different but it’s a neat challenge every time were up here,” added the driver of the Homestead Coffee Roasters/ United Crane No. 21L.

As Lewis was running to his fifth career Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot A-Main Victory, the rest of the star-studded field was busy swapping positions.

Despite having his nose wing collapse and then eventually flip over, Chuck Hebing was able to move forward from his eighth place starting spot to take second.

“The car definitely tightened up when that happened,” noted “Cobra” after the race in regards to his wing issue. “Even if that didn’t happen, there was no way I had anything for Trevor.”

Lance Yonge had moved up in to second on lap seven in his No. 17J, and would fade back to fourth during the final segment, but would stick to his customary bottom groove and rally to round out the podium positions in third.

Josh Weller consistently moved forward in the No. 63, passing Bobby Breen on the final lap to take away fourth place. Weller, of Mertztown, PA, started in 12th but rallied to make the long trip home a little easier.

Bobby Breen won the Demaree Fruit Farms/ Quicktime Simulators Four Laps of Fame Dash for the second race in a row, earning a ninth place starting spot. Breen fell back early on but came on through the mid portion of the race and was up to third before slipping back to complete the top-five.

French-Canadian Michael Parent was the hard charger on the night, moving early on from 21st to sixth. It was the best career Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot finish for the No. 25.

Gordy Button and Jared Fink both flirted in and near the top-five all night, coming home seventh and eighth, respectively. Steve Poirier moved up nicely to pick up ninth while NPP Heat No. 1 Winner Jason Barney completed the top-five.

Point Leaders Jared Zimbardi and Bryan Howland struggled in the tricky 3/8-mile. Zimbardi had run up to seventh before falling back to 14th while Howland had to come through the B-Main and had to settle for 11th.

The A-Main was slowed by three red flags. Jeff Cook rode the outside wall in turn three on lap 4, Judi Bates tipped over her No. 121 on lap 9 while running fifth and Bubby Kerrick tumbled his No. 4u with 10 laps left to go. All were uninjured but the same could not be said for their cars.

With a season-high 36 cars in the pits, just getting in to the A-Main was a task. Top runners, including Patriot Regular Bubba Broderick failed to qualify. Derek Jonathan also was a DNQ after he tumbled his No. 81 over the turn two wall in a wild fashion. He was unharmed but once again the car was not.

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Lucas Oil ASCS Patriots Results: 7/12/09, Cayuga County Fair Speedway, Weedsport, NY.

A-Verdi A-Main (25 Laps)- 1. Trevor Lewis (21), 2. Chuck Hebing (45), 3. Lance Yonge (17J), 4. Josh Weller (63), 5. Bobby Breen (9), 6. Michael Parent (25), 7. Gordy Button (714), 8. Jared Fink (21F), 9. Steve Poirier (28FM), 10. Jason Barney (87*), 11. Bryan Howland (51), 12. Shawn Donath (33), 13. Don Adamczyk (21), 14. Jared Zimbardi (35), 15. Tommy Wickham (75), 16. Scott Kreutter (52), 17. Tim Kelly (12), 18. George Suprick (87s), 19. Blake Breen (8), 20. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 21. Bubby Kerrick (4u), 22. Judi Bates (121), 23. Bobby Podolak (90), 24. Jeff Cook (10).

Lap Leaders- Lewis 1-25.

B-Mains (Top 3 Transfer to A-Main)-

Race 1: 1. Bryan Howland (51), 2. Michael Parent (25), 3. Jeff Cook (10), 4. Bubba Broderick (5), 5. Mike Stelter (36), 6. Joe August Jr. (47), 7. T.J. Newton (57), 8. Ray Preston (22), 9. Vern Wasson (5x).

Race 2: 1. Bubby Kerrick (4u), 2. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 3. Tommy Wickham (75), 4. Dan Kaszubinski (20), 5. Bruce DeWick (22d), 6. Dave Wickham (80), 7. Brandan Warner (10B), 8. Devin Caron (24k), 9. Derek Jonathan (81).

Demaree Fruit Farms/ Quicktime Simulators Four Laps of Fame Dash (4 Laps)- 1. Bobby Breen (9), 2. Shawn Donath (33), 3. Jared Zimbardi (35), 4. Josh Weller (63), 5. Tim Kelly (12), 6. Shawn Donath (90).

National Parts Peddler Heats (8 Laps Each)-

Race 1: 1. Jason Barney (87*), 2. Lance Yonge (17J), 3. Chuck Hebing (45), 4. Jared Zimbardi (35), 5. Derek Jonathan (81), 6. Bryan Howland (51), 7. Mike Stelter (36), 8. Jeff Cook (10), 9. Brandan Warner (10B).

Race 2: 1. Judi Bates (121), 2. Shawn Donath (33), 3. Tim Kelly (12), 4. Bobby Podolak (90), 5. Don Adamczyk (21), 6. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 7. Dave Wickham (80), 8. Tommy Wickham (75), 9. Dan Kaszubinski (20).

Race 3: 1. Jared Fink (21F), 2. Bobby Breen (9), 3. Josh Weller (63), 4. Steve Poirier (28FM), 5. Bubby Kerrick (4u), 6. Joe August Jr. (47), 7. Bruce DeWick (22d), 8. T.J. Newton (57), 9. Devin Caron (24k).

Race 4: 1. George Suprick (87s), 2. Trevor Lewis (21L), 3. Gordy Button (714), 4. Scott Kreutter (52), 5. Blake Breen (8), 6. Michael Parent (25), 7. Bubba Broderick (5), 8. Ray Preston (22), 9. Vern Wasson (5x).

Contingency Awards-
Ohsweken Speedway/Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Award- Lewis
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Passing Points Award- Barney
M&W Aluminum Products Top-5 Award- Weller
Ultra-Shield Race Products Top-10 Award- Fink
Rod End Supply 20th Anniversary Award- Muhleisen

A-Verdi Storage Containers King of Central New York Series (Top-Ten)- 1. Bryan Howland 572, 2. Bobby Breen 566, 3. Jared Zimbardi 554, 4. Don Adamczyk 518, 5. Gordy Button 510, 6. Chuck Hebing 508, 7. Scott Kreutter 455, 8. Dan Kaszubinski 453, 9. Judi Bates 443, 10. Bubba Broderick 441.

Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Standings (Top-Ten)- 1. Trevor Lewis 33, 2. Don Adamczyk 26, 3. Bryan Howland 25, 4. Jared Zimbardi 23, 5. Tommy Wickham 22, 6. Gary Troutman 18, 7. Jason Barney 17, 8. Jared Fink 16, 9. Michael Parent 15, Tie-10. Doug Emery and Steve Poirier 13.

Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Points (Top Ten): 1. Jared Zimbardi 1,408, 2. Bryan Howland 1,402, 3. Bobby Breen 1,352, 4. Don Adamczyk 1,310, 5. Bubba Broderick 1,247, 6. Blake Breen 1,062, 7. Chris Muhleisen 974, 8. Derek Jonathan 867, 9. Trevor Lewis 856, 10. Gary Troutman 796.