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Trevor Lewis Blows Away ASCS Patriot Field…

[b Trevor Lewis Blows Away ASCS Patriot Field at Black Rock For $4,000 in NY Nationals]

[i Rich Vleck, DUNDEE, NY (August 7, 2009)]

Trevor Lewis was the odds-on favorite as 34-teams rolled in to the pits at Black Rock on Friday Night. After a tough heat race however he was starting in 14th and had plenty of work to do in the A-Main. By halfway he was in front and checking out for a $4,000 top prize.

Lewis, of Upper Black Eddy, PA, got through a six-car pileup on the opening lap and quickly picked off spots to take the lead from Blake Breen on lap 13 and never look back for his third career $4,000 Victory at Black Rock.

“I really love this track,” declared the 6’6 Lewis in Victory Lane. “This track has really changed since I won the Fall Nationals, but that top lane still works.”

On the opening circuit, Tim Iulg looped his No. 1k in turn two while running in fifth. He blocked the track for the entire inside line and took out five others in the process. Iulg flipped over backwards after contact with Shawn Donath and Judi Bates. Tim Kelly and Lance Yonge were also involved along with Scott Bonnell who was the only one that could continue.

When the field had a double-file restart, the Homestead Coffee Roasters/ McClaren Motorsports No. 21L was slated in 10th. He was in fifth on the second lap and after a few laps running around there, was able to dive underneath Scott Kreutter for second. From there it was only a matter of time before he would chase down Blake Breen and pass him for the lead.

Breen, who won his first career sprint feature at BRS five years ago to the date, had checked out from the drop of the opening green flag. He just could not work the cushion as well as Lewis though and on lap 13 relegated the top spot.

For the final 17 laps it was simply about getting through lapped traffic for Lewis. While there were some tenuous moments the No. 21L was strong enough for his third Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot A-Main Win of the Year, his second in a row in the A-Verdi King of Central New York Series.

“Those lapped cars scarred me a few times there towards the end, they really slowed me up,” noted Lewis after the event, who had to move around some top runners, including Jared Zimbardi.

Lewis won the Fall Nationals events back in 2004 and 2005. He looked just as prolific on Friday Night as he did five years ago. He was also the hard charger in the event, propelling him to the Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Lead.

Blake Breen would hold on for second in his No. 8 as he was strong all night long in his attempt to make it a Breen Sweep in 2009 for sprint races at BRS. He noted afterwards that the engine was popping after the first few circuits.

“Trevor drove by me like I was tied to a post,” he stated.

Jessica Zemken went to her familiar bottom line to run up to third, but she did it in a new ride, taking the Schultz Motorsports No. 64 out for the first time. With Tony Stewart wrenching on the car during the night, “JZ” had a plenty of attention in her pits throughout the night.

Scott Kreutter drew the pole position, which was good, but it also meant he had to commit to the bottom on the initial start. That allowed Breen to jump in front. He would slip back to fourth for his second top-5 of the year at Black Rock.

Bobby Breen, the winner at Black Rock back in May, was way off at the start of the race but would rally back in style as he would complete the top-five for the second straight Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Event.

Justin Barger prevailed over Chuck Hebing for sixth as Hebing suffered front wing issues late in the 30-lap feature. Alain Bergeron was eighth with Bubba Broderick and Don Adamczyk completing the top-10.

Bryan Howland and Jared Zimbardi, the top-two in patriot points, struggled on the night to finish 11th and 13th respectively.

It was a wild night overall at Black Rock, as the feature was completed at 1:00 A.M. Saturday. With NASCAR stars at the track, extra events and high car counts in all divisions made in a full night of action.

Jared Fink was an early retire on the night when he flipped his No. 21F on the opening lap of his heat. Jeff Frasier and Gary Troutman also had short nights, as they suffered motor problems in hot laps for the second straight BRS event.

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Lucas Oil ASCS Patriots Results: 8/7/09, Black Rock Speedway, Dundee, NY.

A-Verdi A-Main (30 Laps)- 1. Trevor Lewis (21L), 2. Blake Breen (8), 3. Jessica Zemken (64), 4. Scott Kreutter (52), 5. Bobby Breen (9), 6. Justin Barger (32), 7. Chuck Hebing (45), 8. Alain Bergeron (8B), 9. Bubba Broderick (5), 10. Don Adamczyk (21), 11. Bryan Howland (51), 12. Dan Kaszubinski (20), 13. Jared Zimbardi (35), 14. Tommy Wickham (75), 15. Scott Bonnell (3B), 16. Ray Preston (22), 17. Tim Iulg (1k), 18. Lance Yonge (17J), 19. Shawn Donath (33), 20. Judi Bates (121), 21. Tim Kelly (12), 22. Chris Muhleisen (10M).

Lap Leaders- Bl. Breen 1-12, Lewis 13-30.

B-Mains (Top 6 Transfer to A-Main)- 1. Scott Bonnell (3B), 2. Bubba Broderick (5), 3. Dan Kaszubinski (20), 4. Tommy Wickham (75), 5. Ray Preston (22), 6. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 7. Kyle Drum (3T), 8. Dave Wickham (80), 9. Derek Jonathan (81), 10. Bruce DeWick (22d), 11. Devin Caron (24k), 12. Brandan Warner (10B), 13. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 14. Mike Stelter (36), 15. Ed Kelley (20k), DNS: Jared Fink (21F), Gary Troutman (44), Jeff Frasier (99).

National Parts Peddler Heats (8 Laps Each)-
Race 1: 1. Scott Kreutter (52), 2. Jessica Zemken (64), 3. Shawn Donath (33), 4. Alain Bergeron (8B), 5. Derek Jonathan (81), 6. Kyle Drum (3T), 7. Tommy Wickham (75), 8. Bruce Dewick (22d), DNS: Jeff Frasier (99).

Race 2: 1. Bryan Howland (51), 2. Bobby Breen (9), 3. Judi Bates (121), 4. Jared Zimbardi (35), 5. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 6. Tim Kelly (12), 7. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 8. Devin Caron (24k), 9. Brandan Warner (10B).

Race 3: 1. Don Adamczyk (21), 2. Lance Yonge (17J), 3. Blake Breen (8), 4. Ray Preston (22), 5. Dave Wickham (80), 6. Ed Kelley (20k), 7. Jared Fink (21F), DNS: Gary Troutman (44).

Race 4: 1. Tim Iulg (1k), 2. Justin Barger (32), 3. Chuck Hebing (45), 4. Scott Bonnell (3B), 5. Trevor Lewis (21L), 6. Bubba Broderick (5), 7. Dan Kaszubinski (20), 8. Mike Stelter (36).

Contingency Awards-
Ohsweken Speedway/Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Award- Lewis
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Passing Points Award- Bo. Breen
M&W Aluminum Products Top-5 Award- Bo. Breen
Ultra-Shield Race Products Top-10 Award- Adamczyk
Rod End Supply 20th Anniversary Award- Bates

A-Verdi Storage Containers King of Central New York Standings (Top 10, Through 5 of 6 Events)- 1. Bobby Breen 706, 2. Bryan Howland 700, 3. Jared Zimbardi 678, 4. Don Adamczyk 648, 5. Chuck Hebing 644, 6. Scott Kreutter 597, 7. Dan Kaszubinski
579, 8. Trevor Lewis 574, 9. Bubba Broderick 573, 10. Judi Bates 563.

Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Standings (Top 10)- 1. Trevor Lewis 46, Tie-2. Bryan Howland and Jared Zimbardi 39, 4. Don Adamczyk 30, Tie-5. Michael Parent and Tommy Wickham 28, 7. Blake Breen 26, 8. Bubba Broderick 25, Tie-9. Gary Troutman and T.J. Newton 18.

Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Points (Top Ten): 1. Bryan Howland 2,096, 2. Jared Zimbardi 2,086, 3. Don Adamczyk 1,984, 4. Bubba Broderick 1,909, 5. Bobby Breen 1,742, 6. Blake Breen 1,492, 7. Gordy Button 1,292, 8. Chris Muhleisen 1,208, 9. Derek Jonathan 1,184, 10. Scott Kreutter 1,180.