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Tarlton Rebounds for ASCS SoCal win at Kings!

HANFORD, Cal. (September 10, 2011) – Tommy Tarlton rebounded from an opening-lap incident to win Saturday night’s ASCS Southern California main event at Giant Chevrolet Kings Speedway.

After being forced tailback after the opening-lap fracas, Tarlton raced back through the field and ultimately took the lead from Craig Stidham on the 16th round en route to his fifth series win of the year.

Tarlton took the checkered flag ahead of Stidham, with Eric Humphries, Garrett Netto and D.J. Netto rounding out the top five.

Stidham and Mike Faria topped heat race action.

ASCS Southern California Region Results from Giant Chevrolet Kings Speedway:

Heat One: 1. 3-Craig Stidham, 2. 15-Eric Humphries, 3. 10-Anthony Simone, 4. 77n-Garrett Netto, 5. 88n-D.J. Netto, 6. 09s-Geoffrey Strole.

Heat Two: 1. 4F-Mike Faria, 2. 21-Tommy Tarlton, 3. 17v-Danny Faria, 4. 14-Nick Green, 5. 29-Austin Stone.

“A” Feature: 1. 21-Tommy Tarlton, 2. 3-Craig Stidham, 3. 15-Eric Humphries, 4. 77n-Garrett Netto, 5. 88n-D.J. Netto, 6. 10-Anthony Simone, 7. 29-Austin Stone, 8. 17v-Danny Faria, 9. 4F-Mike Faria, 10. 14-Nick Green. DNS: 09s-Geoffrey Strole.

ASCS Southern California Points (Top 10): 1. Tommy Tarlton 1,022, 2. (tie) Eric Humphries and Cory Eliason 610, 4. Mike Faria 582, 5. Albert Pombo 567, 6. Craig Stidham 508, 7. Koen Shaw 483, 8. Steven Kent 481, 9. Nick Green 445, 10. Ronnie Day 402.