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Tankersley Tops Gulf South Thriller at Royal Purple

Cody Morris, Baytown, Texas (6-23-2012) – In front of an estimated 8,000 race fans, the Griffith Truck & Equipment ASCS Gulf South Region delivered a classic at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas (Craig Johnson Photo).

After scoring the first ASCS victory of his young career nearly 8 weeks ago, Michael McNeil led the 24 car field to the start of the 30 lap main event, a spot the Killeen, Texas native held until Missouri City native Brandon Berryman shot by on the 12th circuit.

Berryman’s lead was short lived as his power plant erupted in smoke on the 17th lap. Clute, Texas’ Aaron Reutzel assumed command and a thriller developed in the final laps as Reutzel fought hard to defend against a Ray Allen Kulhanek charge.

The fight for the $3,000 winner’s share seemed between Reutzel and Kulhanek as the two continued their showdown on the 28th lap. However, Channin Tankersley had other plans.

In the fifth spot with two laps remaining, Tankersley found the perfect line and was up to third as he took the white flag with the leading duo in sight.

Splitting the lead duo exiting turn two on the final lap, Tankersley powered thru the final two corners and crossed the finish line with nearly 8,000 race fans in wild support of the Jeff Lutz owned and Parker Engines powered Challenger Drilling and AccuFab no. 0 Eagle.

Reutzel won the battle for the runner up spot and the Weld Racing Hard Charger Award via his advance from 12th to the runner up finish. Gulf South point leader Ray Allen Kulhanek maintained his strong advantage with a third place finish. McNeil crossed fourth with Jerry Bell taking the fifth place finish after both Greg Rilat and Bean Elliott ran out of fuel on the final lap.

Tankersley, Berryman, and Wes Miller each took heat race wins over the 27 car field with Evan Pardo taking the winning transfer in the night’s only 12 lap B Feature.

The night’s only red flag occurred on the initial start of the main event as Scottie McDonald flipped out of the track and into the parking lot. McDonald emerged from the destroyed heap unharmed.

The Griffith Truck & Equipment ASCS Gulf South Region fires back into action with a July 6th and 7th doubleheader at Chatham, Lousiana’s Jones Motor Speedway.

Griffith Truck & Equipment ASCS Gulf South Region
June 23rd, 2012 / Event 14 of 26
Royal Purple Raceway / Baytown, Texas

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 0-Channin Tankersley[4]; 2. 87-Aaron Reutzel[12]; 3. 21T-Ray Allen Kulhanek[6]; 4. 25M-Michael McNeil[1]; 5. 85-Jerry Bell[15]; 6. 69-Larry Howery[13]; 7. 35-Greg Rilat[5]; 8. 51-Beau Smith[16]; 9. 2-Wes Miller[3]; 10. 54-Evan Pardo[19]; 11. 28-Tommy Bryant[11]; 12. 19-Klint Angelette[9]; 13. 8-Bruce Crockett[21]; 14. 93-Chris Sweeney[18]; 15. 30x-Bean Elliott[7]; 16. 52-Bruce Griffith Jr[23]; 17. 17-Kent Lewis Sr[17]; 18. 52x-Roger Oakes[24]; 19. 24-Brandie Jass[22]; 20. 3-Gary Watson[14]; 21. 28x-James Cooper[8]; 22. 31-Brandon Berryman[2]; 23. 15T-Travis Elliott[20]; 24. 88-Scottie McDonald[10]
Lap Leaders: McNeil 1-11, Berryman 12-16, Reutzel 17-29, Tankersley 30

B Feature (12 Laps): 1. 54-Evan Pardo[1]; 2. 15T-Travis Elliott[4]; 3. 8-Bruce Crockett[8]; 4. 24-Brandie Jass[2]; 5. 52-Bruce Griffith Jr[3]; 6. 52x-Roger Oakes[7]; 7. 15-Andrew VanBlarcum[5]; 8. 02-Harry Yerrington[6]; DNS 12-Logan Bledsoe
Top Six advance to A Feature

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 0-Channin Tankersley; 2. 28x-James Cooper; 3. 30x-Bean Elliott; 4. 88-Scottie McDonald; 5. 28-Tommy Bryant; 6. 8-Bruce Crockett; 7. 52-Bruce Griffith Jr; DNS 12-Logan Bledsoe; DNS 52x-Roger Oakes

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 31-Brandon Berryman; 2. 35-Greg Rilat; 3. 25M-Michael McNeil; 4. 69-Larry Howery; 5. 87-Aaron Reutzel; 6. 17-Kent Lewis Sr; 7. 51-Beau Smith; 8. 15-Andrew VanBlarcum; 9. 02-Harry Yerrington

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 2-Wes Miller; 2. 21T-Ray Allen Kulhanek; 3. 19-Klint Angelette; 4. 3-Gary Watson; 5. 85-Jerry Bell; 6. 93-Chris Sweeney; 7. 54-Evan Pardo; 8. 24-Brandie Jass; 9. 15T-Travis Elliott

2012 Griffith Truck & Equipment ASCS Gulf South Region feature winners:
Wayne Johnson 3, Channin Tankersley 3, Ray Allen Kulhanek 2, Jason Johnson 1, Gary Wright 1, George White 1, Michael McNeil 1, Aaron Reutzel 1, Tommy Bryant 1

2012 Griffith Truck & Equipment ASCS Gulf South Region point standings (top ten):