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Rain Halts Lucas Oil ASCS Patriots at Stateline

[i Rich Vleck, BUSTI, NY (July 25, 2009)]

Despite having rain fall on six prior occasions at Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot events in 2009, the seventh time this season was not as brief and wiped out what promised to be a thrilling event at Stateline Speedway.

For the first time in 14 events this year, the Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Region was rained out while at the track. On two prior occasions, races were called well in advance of teams leaving for the track; on Saturday, the heat laps were lined up and ready to go.

Another full field of cars was on hand on Saturday Night at the 1/3-mile in anticipation of completing the PJ Motorsports King of the Southern Tier Series. Hot laps on a fast and smooth surface was just setting the stage for the heat races which were just minutes away when light rain hit the speedway.

After a brief intermission from precipitation, the skies opened up and put the event in peril. After 30 minutes of working the track in, another burst of rain hit the grounds and knocked out any chance at getting the track raceable.

The good news is that the event will be rescheduled. Since no qualifying events were run, the event will start from scratch and be open to any interested in competing.

With races scheduled the next four Saturdays for the Patriots, the conclusion to the King of the Southern Tier Series will have to wait until season’s end. Two dates are available and the best option will be announced very soon.

Racing for the Patriots continues next Saturday at Merrittville Speedway in Southern Ontario. It will be the first race at the first-class facility for the Patriots since 2006 and will also be the second leg in the King of the Golden Horseshoe Series.

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