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Norick Claims Aztec Gold

Bryan Hulbert – Aztec, New Mexico (September 2, 2012) Taking his first ASCS Southwest Regional win, Lance Norick topped the 33rd Floyd Reynolds Memorial at Aztec Speedway in Aztec, New Mexico.

Fielding the PJ Trailer Sales No. 90 fourth, Norick would race past Joshua Hodges on lap twelve. Hodges, who took the prelim win, looked to have the runner up spot in hand before the left-rear tire exploded coming for the checkered flag.

Rick Ziehl would end up second with Colt Treharn, Joshua Williams, and Billy Chester making up the top five. Pat Burke, Jesse Baker, Steve Stone, Ryan Linder, and Bill Mitchell rounded out the top ten.

ASCS Southwest Region
Aztec Speedway – Aztec, New Mexico
September 2, 2012

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 4C-Billy Chester III; 2. 77C-Colt Treharn; 3. 41W-Joshua Williams; 4. 9-Ryan Linder; 5. 57X-Steve Stone; 6. 99X-Chuck Jackson; 7. 77-Dalten Gabbard; 8. 13-Glen Brace

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 15-Bud Goodwin; 2. 22-Jesse Baker; 3. 27-Pat Burke; 4. 62-Bill Mitchell; 5. 40X-Butch Box; 6. 20-John Ziehl; 7. 11X-L.C. Kesterson

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 90-Lance Norick; 2. 20Z-Rick Ziehl; 3. 77C-Colt Treharn; 4. 41W-Joshua Williams; 5. 4C-Billy Chester III; 6. 27-Pat Burke; 7. 22-Jesse Baker; 8. 57X-Steve Stone; 9. 9-Ryan Linder; 10. 62-Bill Mitchell; 11. 74X-Joshua Hodges; 12. 77-Dalten Gabbard; 13. 15-Bud Goodwin; 14. 13-Glen Brace; 15. 40X-Butch Box; 16. 11X-L.C. Kesterson; 17. 99X-Chuck Jackson; 18. 20-John Ziehl

Photo Credit: Terry Shaw