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McCune Strikes for First ASCS Rocky Mountain Score

Lonnie Wheatley, ATOMIC CITY, Idaho (July 11, 2009) – Jeremy McCune broke into American Sprint Car Series Rocky Mountain Region victory lane for the first time by winning Saturday night’s 25-lap feature event at Atomic Motor Raceway.

The 2008 series runner-up took the lead away from Danielle Ossenfort en route to posting the win and taking over the series point lead aboard the Engines Etc./Action Signs & Graphics No. 0J Fab Tech.

McCune was chased to the stripe by Kody Swanson, with Randy Pierce taking the show position after leading the opening round of the main event. Friday night winner Brent Kronfuss was fourth, while Danielle Ossenfort rounded out the top five just in front of brother Jake.

Pierce and D. Ossenfort won Saturday night’s heat races.

ASCS Rocky Mountain Region Results from Atomic Motor Raceway:

Heat One: 1. 12p-Randy Pierce, 2. 0j-Jeremy McCune, 3. 71-Bob Schaeffer, 4. 77-Mark Sweet, 5. 3x-Mike Posey, 6. 61-Cory Stultz, 7. 33-Tucker McCune (DNS).

Heat Two: 1. 10-Danielle Ossenfort, 2. 93-Brent Kronfuss, 3. 99-Jake Ossenfort, 4. 57k-Kolter Kosten, 5. 74u-Kody Swanson, 6. 77x-John White.

“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. 0j-Jeremy McCune, 2. 74u-Kody Swanson, 3. 12p-Randy Pierce, 4. 93-Brent Kronfuss, 5. 10-Danielle Ossenfort, 6. 99-Jake Ossenfort, 7. 71-Bob Schaeffer, 8. 57k-Kolter Kosten, 9. 3x-Mike Posey, 10. 61-Cory Stultz, 11. 77-Mark Sweet, 12. 77x-John White, 13. 33-Tucker McCune (DNS).

ASCS Rocky Mountain Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Jeremy McCune 854, 2. Jake Ossenfort 850, 3. Randy Pierce 822, 4. Kolter Kosten 786, 5. Mark Sweet 727, 6. Tucker McCune 657, 7. Danielle Ossenfort 582, 8. Brent Kronfuss 556, 9. Mike Posey 518, 10. Bob Schaeffer 496.