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Lucas Oil ASCS Patriots to Crown a Pair of Kings..

[b Lucas Oil ASCS Patriots to Crown a Pair of Kings This Weekend]

[i Rich Vleck, TULSA, Okla. (August 25, 2009)]

For the second-straight season, Mother Nature has helped to setup a late-season double header weekend spanning two countries, and this time two legs of the Five Crown Tour .

The Lucas Oil ASCS Patriots return to Stateline Speedway this Saturday, making up the July event that was rained out after hot laps. That race will complete the PJ Motorpsorts King of the Southern Tier. On Sunday, the Patriots head into Canada to the Humberstone Speedway for the final race in the King of the Golden Horseshoe Series.

Five drivers have a realistic chance to be the first King of the Southern Tier, including Jared Zimbardi, who leads that series by 10 points. Zimbardi won the June Stateline event for his only victory of the season. The Little Valley, NY driver has struggled to put together quality results this month and needs to be productive this weekend to close the gap in the overall championship battle with Bryan Howland.

Howland, of Auburn, NY, is 30 points ahead in the championship battle but is one of two drivers 10 points back of Zimbardi in the King of the Southern Tier Standings. Don Adamczyk, of Williamsville, NY, is tied with Howland and is stoked to be headed to Stateline, one of his best tracks. The Ironman of the Patriots will have some work before Saturday though as he and the crew will have to repair a cracked torsion tube on his No. 21 JEI.

Bubba Broderick, from Brookfield, CT, won the last King of the Southern Tier event at Arcade International. Broderick is only 16 back from Zimbardi and is perhaps the favorite when it comes to Stateline.

Bobby and Blake Breen, both from Savannah, NY, sit fifth and sixth, respectively, in both overall points as well as the King of the Southern Tier Standings. Bobby nearly won the Stateline show earlier this year while Blake scored the win last August.

Among the locals that will be on hand for this show include Kyle Moffit of South Dayton, Gary Troutman of Andover, Chris Shuttleworth of Wellsvillle, Scott Bonnell of Fairview, PA and Gary Kreiss of Erie, PA.

Sunday at Humberstone, the Patriots look to get their third race in at the 1/3-mile facility for the first time since 2007. Last year, most of the teams were at the track when a heavy shower hit Port Colborne, Ontario.

Chris Muhleisen won the first Patriot show at the track in 2003, when it was known as Gasport. “The Copper Chopper” also gave Chuck Hebing a run for his money back in 2007 but had a brake issue and came up just short.

With Humberstone being the final race in the King of the Golden Horseshoe, a number of drivers are looking to crack in to the point fund. Blake Breen currently leads the standings, but this will be his first time to Humberstone since he ran a mini sprint there back in 2003.

Hometown favorite Dave Dykstra is second in the Golden Horseshoe Standings and has thougsands of laps around the track. The former sportsman-modified competitor was second in the last sprint show to be held at Humberstone.

Scott Kreutter, of Alden, NY, is third in the Golden Horseshoe Standings on the strength of his Merrittville win and should fair well at Humberstone as well. Bryan Howland, Bobby Breen and Jared Zimbardi also have an opportunity to take home the Golden Horseshoe crown.

A slew of locals will be on hand for this race including Stan Zanchin, Tim Zack, Jay Pietz, Jamie Collard, Kevin Loveys, Mikey Kruchka, Travis Cunningham, Glenn Styres, Keith Dempster, Ryan Hunsinger, John Burbridge Jr. and Kevin Job.

Among the drivers travelling in to be part of the weekend are Gordy Button, Brandan Warner, Dave Wickham, Derek Jonathan, Doug Bowman, Devin Caron and Chris Jones. It should certainly make for a wild weekend.

Racing starts at Stateline at 7:00 p.m. while Humberstone goes green at 6:45 p.m. For more information, visit

Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot History at Stateline
Races: 7
5/3/2003 Tom Taber
6/18/2005 George Suprick
5/27/2006 Rich Swarthout
6/16/2007 Chuck Hebing
8/23/2008 Bryan Howland- Make-up from 6/21
8/23/2008 Blake Breen
6/27/2009 Jared Zimbardi

Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot History at Humberstone (Formerly Gasport)
Races: 2
6/22/2003 Chris Muhleisen
8/26/2007 Chuck Hebing

PJ Motorsports King of Southern Tier Standings (Through 3 of 4 Events):
Jared Zimbardi 428
Don Adamczyk 418
Bryan Howland 418
Bubba Broderick 412
Bobby Breen 406
Blake Breen 388
Gary Troutman 382
T.J. Newton 380
Ray Preston 376
Chris Muhleisen 368
Brad Knab 319
Derek Jonathan 313
Gordy Button 276
Bubby Kerrick 256
Scott Bonnell 248
Brandon Warner 244
Chris Shuttleworth 228
Jeff Frasier 220
Tim Kelly 146
Gary Kriess 142
Jared Fink 140
Bobby Howard 138
Dave Wickham 134
George Suprick 132
Kyle Moffit 130
Kyle Drum 128
Cory Sparks 126
Devin Caron 124
Bruce DeWick 118
Scott Kreutter 118
Stan Zanchin 116
Brett Milburn 114
Jeremy Barnard 112
Doug Emery 110
Chuck Hebing 108
Joe August Jr. 75
John Schuyler 75
Chris Weiss 75
Mark Zemcik 75

King of the Golden Horseshoe Standings (Through 3 of 4 Events):
Blake Breen 422
Dave Dykstra 410
Scott Kreutter 400
Bryan Howland 396
Bobby Breen 392
Jared Zimbardi 382
Ryan Hunsinger 368
Keith Dempster 364
Kevin Loveys 352
Glenn Styres 351
Jamie Collard 345
Don Adamczyk 333
Stan Zanchin 317
John Burbridge Jr. 297
Derek Jonathan 295
Dain Naida 284
Bubba Broderick 283
Travis Cunningham 260
Devin Caron 258
Doug Bowman 256
Kevin Job 256
James Evans 242
Jim Huppunen 238
Gordy Button 226
Tim Zack 225
Brandan Warner 222
Mikey Kruchka 199
Tom Huppunen 150
Chris Durand 150
Trevor Lewis 150
Dustin Daggett 146
Tim Kelly 146
Brett Mann 132
Kyle Moffit 128
Mike Stelter 126
Chris Muhleisen 126
Joel Lehman 122
Louie Carufel 108
Ryan Grubaugh 106
Brad Malloy 102
Jay Pietz 75
Wayne Ashton 75
Brad Knab 75
Jim Porter 75