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Kurtz Captures First ASCS Rebel Win at OSP!

Lonnie Wheatley, SAVANNAH, Ga. (July 10, 2009) – Matt Kurtz corralled his first career American Sprint Car Series Rebel Region win by topping Friday night’s 25-lap main event at Oglethorpe Speedway Park.

Kurtz gunned into the lead from his front row outside starting position and held off the challenges of series points leader Danny Martin, Jr., to secure the victory.

Martin settled for runner-up honors, with Matt Linder, Bryn Gohn and Tim Perry rounding out the top five.

Lance Moss and Linder won the night’s heat races. After redrawing the pole position for the feature event, Moss scratched from the final with a burnt piston.

ASCS Rebel Region Results from Oglethorpe Speedway Park:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 23-Lance Moss, 2. 92-Matt Kurtz, 3. 4b-Bryn Gohn, 4. 82-Brian Maddox, 5. 12b-Brian Eckley, 6. 36-Tim Perry. DNS: 3x-Ray Bolin.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 1x-Matt Linder, 2. 2b-Frank Beck III, 3. 00-Danny Martin, Jr., 4. 24-Nick Bashford, 5. 83-Bob Auld, 6. 67-Brian Thomas.

“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. 92-Matt Kurtz, 2. 00-Danny Martin, Jr., 3. 1x-Matt Linder, 4. 4b-Bryn Gohn, 5. 36-Tim Perry, 6. 24-Nick Bashford, 7. 82-Brian Maddox, 8. 2b-Frank Beck III, 9. 83-Bob Auld, 10. 12b-Brian Eckley, 11. 23-Lance Moss (DNS), 12. 67-Brian Thomas (DNS), 13. 3x-Ray Bolin (DNS).

ASCS Rebel Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Danny Martin, Jr. 418, 2. Matt Kurtz 362, 3. Frank Beck III 324, 4. Bob Auld 303, 5. Matt Linder 294, 6. Brian Thomas 291, 7. Nick Bashford 276, 8. Tim Perry 268, 9. (tie) Brian Maddox and Lance Moss 258.