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Hall Tastes Sweetwater Success for First ASCS Rocky Mountain Score

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. (June 19, 2010) – Utah’s Dustin Hall snared his first career American Sprint Car Series feature win by wiring the field in Saturday night’s 25-lap ASCS Rocky Mountain main event at Sweetwater Speedway.

Starting from the front row outside, Hall gunned into the lead at the outset and never looked back en route to the triumph over sixth-starter Brent Kronfuss, with pole starter Patrick Bourke, Mark Walinder and Russ Yeager rounding out the top five.

Kronfuss and Bourke topped heat race action.

ASCS Rocky Mountain Results from Sweetwater:

Heat Winners: Brent Kronfuss, Patrick Bourke.

“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. 74u-Dustin Hall, 2. 9k-Brent Kronfuss, 3. 93-Patrick Bourke, 4. 6-Mark Walinder, 5. 77y-Russ Yeager, 6. 14-Jeff Heffner, 7. 35-Chip Roe, 8. 71-Bob Schaeffer, 9. 18a-Chauncey Filler, 10. 16-Brian Hardman, 11. 57-Don Stoutner, 12. 59-Butch Hardman, 13. 43-Ray Bergener, 14. 16x-Scott Cochran, 15. 05-Justin Wolf-Medlock, 16. 77-Mark Sweet.