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Godwin Tops ASCS Rebel Season Finale as Martin Cla

[b Godwin Tops ASCS Rebel Season Finale as Martin Claims Crown]

[i Lonnie Wheatley, TAMPA, Fla. (November 14, 2009)]

– Tyler Godwin put the finishing touches on the 2009 American Sprint Car Series Rebel Region campaign by racing to victory lane in Saturday night’s 25-lap season finale atop the 1/3-mile East Bay Raceway Park clay oval.

While Godwin became the seventh different series feature winner of the year in as many events, Danny Martin, Jr., secured the ASCS Rebel Region championship with a third-place showing aboard the Martin Structures No. 00 Shaw.

Godwin led throughout to post his second career ASCS Rebel win, with Greg Leonard taking advantage of a late miscue by Gene Lasker to snare runner-up honors.

Martin claimed the show position to take the title by 68 markers over sixth-place finisher Matt Kurtz.

Michael Miller and Jeff Van Dusen rounded out the top five, respectively, with Kurtz, Bob Auld, A.J. Maddox, Frank Carlsson and Mike Schroeder completing the top ten.

Heat race victories were claimed by Brian Maddox and Van Dusen.

ASCS Rebel Region Results from East Bay Raceway Park:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 81-Brian Maddox, 2. 2b-Frank Beck III, 3. 00-Danny Martin, Jr., 4. 20-Frank Carlsson, 5. 83-Bob Auld, 6. 92-Matt Kurtz, 7. 6-Mike Schroeder, 7. 82-A.J. Maddox.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 24-Jeff Van Dusen, 2. 02-Gene Lasker, 3. 4c-Tyler Godwin, 4. 3-Greg Leonard, 5. 4m-Michael Miller, 6. 21-Aubrey Black, 7. 21-Mark Beldock, 8. 16-Shane Kreidler, 9. 44-Casey Hines.

“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. 4c-Tyler Godwin, 2. 3-Greg Leonard, 3. 00-Danny Martin, Jr., 4. 4m-Michael Miller, 5. 24-Jeff Van Dusen, 6. 92-Matt Kurtz, 7. 83-Bob Auld, 8. 82-A.J. Maddox, 9. 20-Frank Carlsson, 10. 6-Mike Schroeder, 11. 44-Casey Hines, 12. 81-Brian Maddox, 13. 02-Gene Lasker, 14. 21-Aubrey Black, 15. 21-Mark Beldock, 16. 2b-Frank Beck III. DNS: 16-Shane Kreidler.

ASCS Rebel Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Danny Martin, Jr. 852, 2. Matt Kurtz 784, 3. Bob Auld 713, 4. Aubrey Black 596, 5. Brian Maddox 512, 6. Frank Beck III 442, 7. Matt Linder 430, 8. Nick Bashford 402, 9. Tim Perry 400, 10. Tyler Godwin 361.