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Copeland Claims First ASCS Canyon Score at CSP’s Salute to Indy!

Cody Morris, Peoria, Arizona (5-27-2012) – The non-winged sprint cars of the ASCS Canyon Region were due for the second leg of Canyon Speedway Park’s 1st Annual Salute to Indy (TKA Photography/Terry Shaw).

With hometown favorite Dalten Gabbard earning his first career sprint car win on Saturday night, Gabbard and three fellow pilots were locked into the Sunday night main event at Peoria, Arizona’s semi-banked 3/8 mile oval.

Polesitter Josh Shipley did not have long to settle into an early lead of the 30 lap ASCS Canyon main event, with Colby Copeland rising from the third row to take command on the sixth circuit.

A Roseville, California native, Colby Copeland lit a pace that none could match, checking out on the 20 car field following a lap six red for a Brian Hosford and Justin Quinn tumble and again after a dustup involving Quinn and the Buckeye, Arizona’s three time Canyon event winner Charles Davis Jr.

Copeland sped to his first career ASCS Canyon Region victory aboard the Bandit Racing no. 23 as the inaugural Salute to Indy champion. Copeland was followed by three-time and defending ASCS Canyon titlist Jeremy Sherman and winged ASCS Southwest kingpin Rick Ziehl.

Shon Deskins crossed the finish line fourth with Phoenix native RJ Johnson advancing three spots to complete the top five finishing order. Chris Bonneau finished sixth with Saturday night first time winner Dalten Gabbard, Hard Charger Justin Quinn, Josh Shipley and Bruce St. James rounding out the top ten.

Chris Bonneau, Rickie Gaunt, and Shon Deskins each took heat race wins over the 33 car field, with Josh Castro taking the win in the night’s sole 12 lap B Feature.

The non winged sprint stars of the ASCS Canyon Region continue their twenty-four event 2012 campaign next Saturday night at Et Motopark’s Arizona Speedway located in Apache Junction, Arizona.

ASCS Canyon Region / 33 cars
May 27th, 2012 / Event 7 of 24
Canyon Speedway Park / Peoria, Arizona

A Feature (25 laps): 1. 23 Colby Copeland (6); 2. 21 Jeremy Sherman (5); 3. 41w Rick Ziehl (3); 4. 20 Shon Deskins (2); 5. 51 R.J. Johnson (8); 6. 78 Chris Bonneau (10); 7. 77 Dalten Gabbard (4); 8. 93 Justin Quinn (18); 9. 2 Josh Shipley (1); 10. 7k Bruce St. James (9); 11. 50 Charles Davis Jr. (12); 12. Ronnie Clark (19); 13. 32B Brian Hosford (15); 14. 23x Josh Castro (17); 15. 44 Rickie Gaunt (11); 16. 0 Stevie Sussex (20); 17. 8 Bob Ream Jr. (13); 18. 7J Kiley Fellars (16); 19. 16 Mike Martin (7); 20. 94 James Aragon (14)

2012 ASCS Canyon Region feature winners: Charles Davis Jr. 3, Dalten Gabbard 1, Josh Pelkey 1, Jeremy Sherman 1, Colby Copeland 1

Due to a previous mistake made in entering night one results from CSP, official ASCS Canyon Region results from the Sunday night Salute to Indy finale will be updated as soon as the error can be corrected along with updated ASCS Canyon Region point standings. Sorry for the delay, corrections will be applied as soon as possible.