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Brown Unstoppable Against ASCS Midwest

Bryan Hulbert – McCool Junction, Nebraska (September 8, 2012) If Brian Brown was looking to make a statement with the Speedway Motors ACSS Midwest Region, he made it loud and clear this past Saturday night at Junction Motor Speedway.

Gridding the field sixth in the Casey’s General Store/FVP/ Searsboro Telephone No. 21 Brown grabbed the point from Don Droud Jr. on lap six with a high line pass in slower traffic exiting turn two. From there it was the Brian Brown show as the Grain Valley, Missouri native preceded to lap up to fifth place in the night’s non-stop 25 lap feature event.

Jack Dover would race by Droud on lap twenty to claim the runner up spot, as well as the Midwest Region points lead, with Droud holding on to round out the podium. Jeremy Campbell crossed the stripe fourth with Cody Ledger rounding out the top five. Jason Danley, Trevor Grossenbacher, Ryan Roberts, Jay Russell, and Randy Hibbs made up the top ten.

In his post-race interview, Brian Brown dedicated his win at Junction Motor Speedway Jordan Creason, wishing him a speedy recovery, as well as the Grandmother of crew member Mark Clemmons who was unable to attend the night’s races after her passing on Wednesday. Brian extended thoughts and prayers to both families in their time of need.

The Speedway Motor ASCS Midwest Region continues their Nebraska run Sunday at Eagle Raceway.

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Speedway Motor ASCS Midwest Region
Junction Motor Speedway – McCool Junction
September 8, 2012

Car Count: 25

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 21-Brian Brown; 2. 18R-Ryan Roberts; 3. 76-Jay Russell; 4. 53-Jack Dover; 5. 11W-Wyatt Burks; 6. 45-Jeff Lowery; 7. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher; 8. 5M-Miranda Arnold; DNF 29-Brandon Hahn

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 82-Jason Danley; 2. 24B-Jeremy Campbell; 3. 12-Tyler Drueke; 4. 93-Cody Ledger; 5. 17-Gage Dorr; 6. 6G-Bryan Gossel; DNF 23-Terry Holliman; DNF 3Z-Zach Davis

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 32-Adam Gullion; 2. 2-Don Droud Jr; 3. 2A-Randy Hibbs; 4. 14G-Gene Ackland; 5. 3-Billy Alley; 6. 4-Jordan Boston; 7. 7-Sid Blandford; 8. 27-Mark Finnell

B Feature (10 Laps): 1. 3-Billy Alley; 2. 4-Jordan Boston; 3. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher; 4. 11W-Wyatt Burks; 5. 45-Jeff Lowery; 6. 5M-Miranda Arnold; 7. 29-Brandon Hahn; 8. 27-Mark Finnell; 9. 7-Sid Blandford; 10. 23-Terry Holliman; 11. 14G-Gene Ackland; 12. 3Z-Zach Davis; DNS 6G-Bryan Gossel

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 21-Brian Brown; 2. 53-Jack Dover; 3. 2-Don Droud Jr; 4. 24B-Jeremy Campbell; 5. 93-Cody Ledger; 6. 82-Jason Danley; 7. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher; 8. 18R-Ryan Roberts; 9. 76-Jay Russell; 10. 2A-Randy Hibbs; 11. 12-Tyler Drueke; 12. 11W-Wyatt Burks; 13. 32-Adam Gullion; 14. 45-Jeff Lowery; 15. 5M-Miranda Arnold; 16. 29-Brandon Hahn; 17. 17-Gage Dorr; 18. 27-Mark Finnell; DNF 3-Billy Alley; DNF 4-Jordan Boston

Photo Credit: Joe Orth