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ASCS Racing

One of the first tracks to host the American Sprint Car Series when it went national in 1993 will again be a staple on its 2024 calendar.

Creek County Speedway will host the second round of ASCS Speedweek on Thursday, June 13, as part of the Don Swope Classic, featuring the ASCS National Tour and Sooner Region.

It’ll be the Series’ first trip to the Oklahoma track this year before returning in November for the championship finale. It’ll also bring ASCS to over 100 races at Creek County Speedway – National and regional events combined.

ASCS has also already made a trip to the 1/4-mile track this year with the Sooner Region in March. Oklahoma resident and current National Tour point leader Seth Bergman won that race, scoring his 12th ASCS victory at Creek County.

And while he’ll enter the Speedweek race as the most recent ASCS winner at the track, all 12 of his ASCS wins there have been in regional competition. He’ll be on the hunt for his first National Tour win there, while also chasing his first Speedweek title.

The last National Tour race at Creek County was in 2022 and won by Jason Martin – the 2023 National Tour champion. It was the Kansas native’s second ASCS win at the track and first in 20 years. He won with the Sooner region there in 2002.

Like Bergman, he’ll also be chasing his first Speedweek title.

Casey Wills, of Sperry, OK, currently leads the ASCS Sooner Region points – 22 points over Whit Gastineau, of Moore, OK. Both will be looking for their first win at Creek County Speedway. However, Sean McClelland, of Tulsa, OK, who is third in points – 49 points back – has seven ASCS wins at Creek County – one with the National Tour and six with the Sooner Region.

Pit gates open at 4:30 p.m. (CT) and grandstands open at 5 p.m. Hot Laps are scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

Texarkana 67 Speedway will kick off the longest week of racing for 360 Sprint Cars this year with the following rounds of the Speedweek to be hosted at Creek County Speedway (Thursday, June 13), Arrowhead Speedway (Friday, June 14) and Tri-State (OK) Speedway (Saturday, June 15).

Tickets to each event will be available at the gate. You can also get tickets for the race at Arrowhead Speedway in advance by clicking here.

If you can’t make it to the track, you watch every lap of ASCS Speedweek live on DIRTVision.

Previous ASCS winners at Creek County Speedway:
2024 – Seth Bergman on March 23 (Sooner Region)
2023 – Sean McClelland on July 21 (Sooner Region), Blake Hahn on Aug. 25 (Sooner Region), Andrew Deal on Oct. 20 (Sooner Region), Hank Davis on Oct. 21 (Sooner Region)
2022 – Brandon Anderson on April 1 (Sooner Region), Kade Morton (Sooner Region), Wayne Johnson on June 3 (Sooner Region), Wayne Johnson on June 4 (Sooner Region), Seth Bergman on Aug. 26 (Sooner Region) Jason Martin on Oct. 29 (National Tour/Sooner Region)
2021 – Brandon Anderson on April 18 (Sooner Region), Tyler Thomas on April 30 (Sooner Region), Blake Hahn on June 6 (Sooner Region), Ryan Timms on July 27 (National Tour), Blake Hahn on Aug. 29 (Sooner Region), Seth Bergman on Oct. 29 (Sooner Region), Seth Bergman on Oct. 30 (Sooner Region)
2020 – Seth Bergman on May 29 (Sooner Region), Sam Hafertepe Jr. on July 12 (Sooner Region), Blake Hahn on Aug. 14 (National Tour), Seth Bergman on Nov. 7 (Sooner Region)
2019 – Blake Hahn on April 12 (Sooner Region), Sean McClelland on May 10 (Sooner Region), Sean McClelland on July 12 (Sooner Region), Sam Hafertepe Jr. on Oct. 12 (National Tour/Sooner Region)
2018 – Wayne Johnson on April 20 (Red River Region), Sam Hafertepe Jr. on May 18 (Red River Region), Sammy Swindell on June 14 (National Tour/Red River Region), Seth Bergman on July 27 (Red River Region), Sam Hafertepe Jr. on Oct. 27 (National Tour/Red River Region)
2017 – Aaron Reutzel on June 15 (National Tour/Red River Region), Seth Bergman on July 21 (Red River Region)
2016 – Seth Bergman on April 8 (Red River Region), Blake Hahn on May 20 (Red River Region), Bryan Clauson on June 16 (National Tour), Fred Mattox on July 7 (Red River Region), Sam Hafertepe Jr. on Nov. 4 (National Tour/Red River Region), John Carney II on Nov. 5 (National Tour/Red River Region)
2015 – Johnny Herrera on April 10 (Red River Region), Alex Sewell on July 17 (Red River Region)
2014 – Aaron Reutzel on May 9 (Sooner Region), Christopher Bell on June 19 (National Tour/Sooner Region), Mickey Walker on July 18 (Sooner Region)
2013 – Seth Bergman on April 19 (Sooner Region), Jeff Swindell on June 20 (National Tour, Sooner Region), Tim Crawley on July 19 (Sooner Region)
2012 – Seth Bergman on May 4 (Sooner Region), Sean McClelland on June 29 (Sooner Region), Kyle Belim on July 27 (Sooner Region), Brady Bacon on Aug. 17 (National Tour/Sooner Region), Matt Covington on Sept. 21 (Sooner Region)
2011 – Seth Bergman on Oct. 1 (Sooner Region)
2010 – Joe Wood Jr. on April 24 (Sooner Region)
2009 – Danny Wood on April 25 (Sooner Region), Zach Chappell on June 9 (National Tour), Nick Smith on July 25 (Sooner Region), Zach Chappell on Sept. 19 (Sooner Region)
2008 – Sean McClelland on June 7 (Sooner Region), Jason Johnson on July 14 (National Tour), Gary Taylor on Sept. 20 (Sooner Region)
2007 – Darren Stewart on July 16 (National Tour), Brian McClelland on Sept. 22 (Sooner Region)
2006 – Sean McClelland on May 20 (Sooner Region), Jason Johnson on July 9 (National Tour)
2003 – Kevin Ramey on March 22 (Sooner Region), Travis Rilat on May 10 (Sooner Region), Kevin Ramey on July 19 (Sooner Region)
2002 – Jamie Passmore on March 30 (Sooner Region), Jason Martin on July 2002 (Sooner Region), Danny Jennings on Sept. 28 (Sooner Region)
2001 – Wayne Johnson on April 14 (Sooner Region), J.P. Bailey on June 23 (Sooner Region), Nick Smith on Aug. 11 (Sooner Region), Larry Neighbors on Sept. 21 (Sooner Region)
2000 – Tim Crawley on July 18 (National Tour)
1999 – Tim Crawley on May 30 (National Tour), Tim Crawley on July 25 (National Tour)
1998 – Phil Gressman on June 16 (National Tour)
1997 – Gary Wright on July 31 (National Tour), Pete Butler on Aug. 31 (National Tour)
1996 – Wayne Johnson on June 16 (National Tour)
1995 – Gary Wright on July 16 (National Tour), Danny Wood (National Tour)
1994 – Garry Lee Maier on June 25 (National Tour), Gary Wright on Oct. 14 (National Tour)
1993 – Mike Ward on June 20 (National Tour), John Hunt on June 25 (National Tour)