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A Top 10 and a Pair of Top 5’s

It was a big 3 race Memorial Weekend for Kyle and the Smith Racing #86 team. The team kicked off the weekend traveling to XX Speedway in California, MO. Kyle started 4th in his heat race and won, giving him a 3rd starting position for the feature. He had a good start and finished in a strong 2nd place.

Saturday night Kyle raced with the ASCS Warrior Region at LA Raceway in La Monte, MO. Kyle started 5th in his heat race and finished 3rd. Kyle missed the redraw by one which put him starting 9th in the A- Main. The track took rubber in the feature and Kyle wasn’t able to make many passes resulting in a 7th place finish.

Sunday night, Kyle and the Smith Racing team followed the ASCS Warrior Region back to XX Speedway for their final showdown of the weekend. Kyle started 5th in his heat race but was only able to make one pass and finished 4th. In the feature Kyle was set to start 12th but on the opening lap of the feature a car towards the front of the field spun collecting Kyle and 5 others forcing him to restart 17th. Within a few laps Kyle was up to 7th passing for 6th when a car ran over his left rear and spun bringing out the caution. Kyle kept his car going and was able to keep his spot but was forced to continue the race with a broken Jacob’s ladder and a broken left rear shock. Despite the damage to the car, Kyle was able to pick up 2 more spots before the checkered for an exciting 4th place finish.