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9th At I-30 Speedway

Kyle raced at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, AR this past Saturday. The night appeared to start out well with Kyle easily winning his heat race but even with the victory, Kyle said the car did not feel comfortable. Some changes were made for the feature and Kyle went out ready to charge to the front from his 5th place starting position. As the green flag flew Kyle knew something was wrong and was struggling with forward and side bite. Despite that Kyle still managed a hard fought 9th place finish against a tough field.

On Sunday we tore the car down to check everything out and sent the torsion bars and shocks to Schure Built Suspension to get checked over. We found an issue with the front axel and also found we had 2 bad torsion bars and a blown LF shock. All these issues will be corrected this week in time to head to Oklahoma this Friday to race the Salina High Banks with the ASCS National tour. We’re hoping for some better luck!