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2012 So Far – Lucas Oil ASCS by the Numbers

Bryan Hulbert – Tulsa, Oklahoma (November 4, 2012) Going into the final stretch of the 2012 championship hunt, it is only fitting to again breakdown the season’s comings and goings.

At the last breakdown 30 events had been contested with the Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV. At this point 57 dates have been completed with 50 of those counting towards the National points total. Coming into the final month of the 2012 season a mere 5 nights remain to determine who will earn the $60,000 champions share of the nearly $250,000 that is up for grabs in the Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV points fund.

In the grand scheme of things, points are the Gold standard by which all seasons are measured. In that regard it is Jason Johnson who holds the Gold at the moment with a lead of 97 markers over series rival Wayne Johnson but to think that the deal is done would be farfetched.

Having swapped the points lead a staggering 10 times over the course of the season, it has been common for both drivers to fall as much as 150 points back from one anther only to rally back and retake the point.

If history has taught us anything it is that fate can be ruthless. As seen in 2011 when Shane Stewart saw his championship hopes nearly disappear in a heap of twisted metal at the 44th annual Western World, a point’s swing in the final laps of the 2012 season is still possible.

Out of the Championship battle, Brady Bacon has nothing to be ashamed of in 2012. With a third place run all but locked up it will be the second straight year that the Broken Arrow native has finished on the podium as an Owner/Driver with the Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV.

Fourth place Johnny Herrera, who was runner up in 2011, looks to finish his season with a strong run to hold off Tony Bruce Jr. who holds fifth only 66 points behind the man they call “Hollywood”. Bruce, who has a trio of wins in 2012, including the season opener at Canyon Speedway Park, has experienced the highest highs and lowest lows with mechanical problems that seem to be never ending for the Oil Medics No. 18.

In his Rookie season with the Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV, Brad Loyet has come a long way. Getting a National Tour victory at Santa Maria Speedway on July 29th, the man of many hometowns has managed to click off 16 to five finishes to go along with 32 top tens. Only 12 markers behind Tony Bruce Jr. the possibility of a top five finish, possibly top four, in the championship standings is not out of the question.

Seth Bergman has had a break-out year. One of the ten drivers in 2012 to earn his first Lucas Oil ASCS Nation Tour win, the driver of the P.P.M. No. 23 Eagle did it at the longest race of the season; The Rock and Roll 50 at “The Ditch”. As it stands the Snohomish, Washington driver will look to hold on to a seventh place run.

Logan Forler is another driver on the National Tour that’s had a breakout year. After having to drop out the tour in 2011, the Washington native relocated to the deserts of Arizona and teamed up with California car owner Harley VanDyke. A rough start out of the gate, Forler soon found his feet and has since fought from being as low as twentieth in the standings to eighth.

The retirement of Gary Wright comes as a bit of a surprise but like all good things there must be an ending. Clicking off a trio of podium finishes starting at the Winter Nationals at the Devil’s Bowl Speedway “The Texan” has amassed a legacy that includes 127 ASCS victories, 324 top-fives, and 397 top tens to go along with 475 A-Feature starts and 4 Lucas Oil ASCS National Championships.

Rounding out the top ten in the Lucas Oil ASCS standings is Dustin Morgan. A Non-Wing Sprint Car / Midget ace turned Winged racer, Morgan also found his first ASCS National Tour victory this season at the Cocopah Speedway in Yuma, Arizona. Suffering several hard crashes over the course of the season, the Owasso, Oklahoma native has spent most of his season fighting back with 16 top-tens and a trio of top -five runs.

Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV – 2012 So Far

Race Nights: 57
Feature Winners: 23
“A” Mains Contested: 56
“A Main Lead Changes: 43
Official “Point” Races: 50
First Time ASCS Winners: 10
Average Car Count per Event: 37.32
Drivers Competing in at Least One Event: 427
Drivers with at Least One “A” Main Feature Start: 335
Drivers Making First Career Lucas Oil ASCS “A” Main Start: 80
Countries Represented: United States, Canada, Australia
States Represented (Drivers): 26 (AZ, AR, CA, FL, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SD, TN, TX, WA)

Heat Race Wins (89 winners in 234 Heat Races): Jason Johnson-16, Logan Forler-13, Tony Bruce Jr.-13, Gary Wright-12, Brady Bacon-11, Dustin Morgan-11, Wayne Johnson-11, Seth Bergman-10, Johnny Herrera-8, Danny Wood-6, Matt Covington-5, Shane Stewart-4, Brian Brown-4, Kevin Swindell-4, Jack Dover-3, Aaron Reutzel-3, Danny Lasoski-3, Danny Jennings-3, Ray Allen Kulhanek-2, Mike Goodman-2, Lee Grosz-2, Stu Snyder-2, Henry VanDam-2, Mitch Olson-2, Jordan Boston-2, Kyle Bellm-2, Sam Hafertepe Jr.-2, Travis Rilat-2, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.-2, Zach Chappell-2, Justin Henderson-2 (Drivers with a single Heat Race victory) Joshua Williams, Lance Norick, Dalten Gabbard, Patrick Stasa, Raven Culp, Kyle Sauder, Terry Gray, Ernie Ainsworth, Justin Caver, Jerod Roller, Jason Martin, Luke Cranston, Mike Boston, Klint Angelette, Martin Edwards, Brandon Hahn, Mike Trent, Jonathan Cornell, Josh Fisher, Cody Baker, A.G. Rains, Dalton Davis, Chris Williams, Matt Juhl, Sean McClelland, Ryan Roberts, John Lambertz, Brock Lemley, Trevor Kirkland, Roger Crockett, Reece Goetz, Cam Smith, Rick Fauver, Clayton Snow, Willie Croft, Mason Moore, Dominic Scelzi, Steven Tiner, Kyle Larson, Tony Shilling, Jesse Gianetto, Randy Hannagan, Joe Wood Jr., Jeff Swindell, Ricky Montgomery, Kolt Walker, Brandon Schure, Jake Martens, Terry McCarl, Shawn Petersen, Blake Hahn, George White, Jan Howard, Gary Taylor, Paul McMahan, Greg Wilson, Jon Stinson

“B” Main Wins (51 winners in 75 “B” Mains): Dustin Morgan-6, Tony Bruce Jr.-6, Seth Bergman-4, Brad Loyet-3, Zach Chappell-2, Danny Wood-2, Wayne Johnson-2, Logan Forler-2, Terry McCarl-2, Gary Wright-2, Justin Henderson-2, Andy Shouse-2 (Drivers with a single “B” Main Win) Brian Bell, Ray Allen Kulhanek, Mitch Olson, Rick Ziehl, Matt Covington, Martin Edwards, Aaron Reutzel, Derek Hagar, Mark Pace, Joshua Williams, Jason Johnson, Danny Lasoski, Marshall Skinner, Brady Bacon, Stu Snyder, Cam Smith, Steven Tiner, Andy Forsberg, Craig Stidham, Kaley Gharst, Tm Crawley, Kevin Ramey, R.J. Johnson, Brandon Hanks, Jack Dover, Jeff Swindell, Jay Russell, Blake Hahn, Zach Pringle, Joe Wood Jr., John Ricketts, Justin Melton, Kyle McCutcheon, Gary Taylor, Brian Brown, Ryan Bickett, Tim Shaffer, Greg Wilson

“A” Main Starts (Point Races): Jason Johnson-50, Wayne Johnson-50, Brady Bacon-50, Johnny Herrera-50, Tony Bruce Jr.-50, Brad Loyet-50, Seth Bergman-50, Logan Forler-50, Dustin Morgan-50, Gary Wright-48, Danny Wood-31, Matt Covington-24, Jack Dover-22, Aaron Reutzel-21, Brian Brown-20, Shawn Petersen-18, Kyle Bellm-17, Danny Lasoski-16, Zach Chappell-15, Brandon Hahn-15, Joshua Hodges-13, Jake Martens-13, Bruce Griffith Jr.-13, Larry Howery-12, Jordon Boston-11, Jeff Swindell-10, Sam Hafertepe Jr.-10, Blake Hahn-10, Cole Wood-10 (Drivers with 10 “A” Main starts or less=306)

“A” Main Wins (All Races): Jason Johnson-13, Wayne Johnson-9, Brady Bacon-7, Jeff Swindell-4, Tony Bruce Jr.-3, Danny Lasoski-2, Shane Stewart-2, Brian Brown-1, Seth Bergman-1, Jason Martin-1, Dustin Morgan-1, Danny Wood-1, Cody Baker-1, Jordan Boston-1, Brock Lemley-1, Mason Moore-1, Brad Loyet-1, Brooke Tatnell-1, Kevin Swindell-1, Justin Henerson-1, Terry McCarl-1, Jack Dover-1, Paul McMahan-1

“A” Main Top-Fives (All Races): Jason Johnson-37, Wayne Johnson-34, Brady Bacon-28, Brad Loyet-16, Johnny Herrera-15, Tony Bruce Jr.-12, Brian Brown-12, Gary Wright-11, Seth Bergman-8, Logan Forler-7, Danny Lasoski-7, Jeff Swindell-7, Jack Dover-6, Shane Stewart-6, Kevin Swindell-5, Sam Hafertepe Jr.-4, Travis Rilat-4, Dustin Morgan-3, Roger Crockett-3, Justin Henderson-3, Christopher Bell-3, Matt Covington-2, Aaron Reutzel-2, Kyle Bellm-2, Zach Chappell-2, Blake Hahn-2, Mitch Olson-2, Terry McCarl-2, Don Droud Jr.-2, Kyle Hirst-2, Tim Shaffer-2, Paul McMahan-2 (Drivers with a single Top Five finish) Danny Wood, Jordan Boston, Gary Taylor, Ryan Roberts, Mike Goodman, Cody Baker, Trevor Grosenbacher, Marshall Skinner, Jason Myers, Jason Martin, Tony Stewart, Tim Crawley, Dustin Zomer, Tim Kaeding, Brooke Tatnell, Rager Phillips, Mason Moore, Brock Lemley, Willie Croft, Michael Lang, Greg Wilson, Sammy Swindell

“A” Main Top-Tens (All Races): Wayne Johnson-45, Jason Johnson-44, Brady Bacon-40, Johnny Herrera-38, Brad Loyet-32, Tony Bruce Jr.-30, Seth Bergman-25, Gary Wright-24, Logan Forler-19, Brian Brown-16, Dustin Morgan-16, Jack Dover-13, Danny Lasoski-11, Kevin Swindell-10, Danny Wood-10, Shane Stewart-9, Jeff Swindell-8, Matt Covington-8, Aaron Retzel-8, Roger Crockett-7, Travis Rilat-6, Sam Hafertepe Jr.-5, Zach Chappell-5, Mitch Olson-5, Christopher Bell-4, Jonathan Cornell-4, Justin Henderson-3, Kyle Bellm-3, Terry McCarl-3, Henry VanDam-3, Derek Hagar-3, Mike Goodman-3, Tim Crawley-3, Tim Shaffer-3, Kaley Gharst-3, A.G. Rains-3 (Drivers with 2 or less Top Ten Finishes) Blake Hahn, Don Droud Jr., Kyle Hirst, Paul McMahan, Trevor Grossenbacher, Jason Myers, Jason Martin, Dusty Zomer, Tim Kaeding, Sammy Swindell, Kevin Ramey, Steven Tiner, Ray Allen Kulhanek, Reece Goetz, Kyle McCutcheon, Dalton Davis, J.J. Hickle, Jordan Boston, Gary Taylor, Ryan Roberts, Cody Baker, Marshall Skinner, Tony Stewart, Brooke Tatnell, Rager Phillips, Mason Moore, Brock Lemley, Willie Croft, Michael Lang, Greg Wilson, Brandon Hahn, Joe Wood, Jr., Sean McClelland, Zach Pringle, Brandon Hanks, Danny Jennings, Jason Solwold, John Carney II, Cody Gardner, Brandon Berryman, Scott Winters, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Kolt Walker, Nick Green, Chris Williams, Justin Carver, Clint Garner, Dominic Scelzi, C.J. Johnson, Shane Golobic, Gregg Bakker, Josh Fisher, Luke Cranston, Randy Hannagan, Jason Statler, Terry Gray, Greg DeCaries, Kyle Sauder, Jimmy Trulli, Craig Stidham, Jamie Passmore

“A” Main Laps Led (All Races – 1,640): Jason Johnson-275, Wayne Johnson-201, Brady Bacon-183, Tony Bruce Jr., 128, Brad Loyet-104, Seth Bergman-80, Danny Lasoski-81, Jeff Swindell-46, Shane Stewart-35, Justin Henderson-35, Paul McMahan-35, Johnny Herrera-32, Brian Brown-32, Jordan Boston-30, Travis Rilat-28, Jason Martin-25, Logan Forler-25, Terry McCarl-25, Gary Wright-24, Christopher Bell-23, Dustin Morgan-22, Cody Baker-21, Jack Dover-18, Michael Lang-17, Roger Crockett-16, Mason Moore-13, Brooke Tatnell-10, Mike Goodman-10, Josh Fisher-9, Joe Wood Jr.-8, Travis Elliot-7, Jonathan Corenll-6, Kevin Swindell-6, Aaron Reuzel-6, Channin Tankersley-5, Stu Snyder-4, Mitch Olson-3, Rager Phillips-3, Kyle Bellm-2, Sam Hafertepe Jr.-2, Danny Wood-1, Don Dround Jr.-1

“A” Main-Cars Passed(All Races – Top 30): Jason Johnson-284, Brad Bacon-202, Brad Loyet-153, Johnny Herrera-148, Wayne Johnson-147, Seth Bergman-146, Tony Bruce Jr.-144, Logan Forler-129, Dustin Morgan-118, Gary Wright-115, Brian Brown-115, Jack Dover-65, Aaron Reutzel-64, Kevin Swindell-47, Danny Lasoski-41, Danny Wood-38, Roger Crockett-33, Zach Chappell-30, Joe Wood Jr.-30, Matt Covington-28, Jeff Swindell-28, Zach Pringle-28, Henry VanDam-24, Bruce Griffith Jr.-22, Kevin Ramey-22, Kyle McCutcheon-21, Joshua Hodges-20, Steven Tiner-20, Brandon Hahn-20, Kyle Bellm-20

2012 Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV National Driver Points (Top 10)

Provisionals Used:

Zach Chappell (3/2/2012)
Gary Wright (3/9/2012) (3/24/2012) (7/21/2012)
Aaron Reutzel (3/10/2012) (5/24/2012)
Dustin Morgan (2/24/2012) (7/20/2012) (7/25/2012)
Jason Johnson (4/13/2012) (4/28/2012)
Logan Forler (4/13/2012) (10/19/2012)
Bruce Griffith (4/14/2012) (4/27/2012)
Brady Bacon (4/28/2012) (6/23/2012)
Seth Bergman (6/16/2012) (6/23/2012) (7/25/2012)
Wayne Johnson (7/7/2012)
Brad Loyet (7/20/2012) (9/15/2012) (10/20/2012)
Johnny Herrera (10/20/2012)

Provisionals Available:

Tony Bruce Jr. (3 full*, 2 partial)
Johnny Herrera (2 full*, 2 partial,)
Wayne Johnson (2 full*, 2 partial)
Jason Johnson (2 full*, 1 partial)
Logan Forler (1 full*, 2 partial)
Seth Bergman (1 full*, 2 partial)
Brady Bacon (1 full*, 2 partial)
Gary Wright (1 full*, 1 partial)
Dustin Morgan (1 full*, 1 partial)
Brad Loyet (2 partial)

*Denotes the inclusion of Bonus Provisionals

The 2012 Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV season continues this coming weekend with the Battle at the Border in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico.


Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by MAVTV


November 9th – El Paso Speedway Park – El Paso, TX – Gates Open @ 5pm / Racing @ 6:30pm
November 10th – Southern NM Speedway – Las Cruces, NM – Gates Open @ 5pm / Racing @ 6:30pm

Track Information: El Paso Speedway Park
Address: 14751 Marina Blvd. El Paso, TX 79938
Phone #: 915-791-8749

Past Winner: Ricky Hood (10/8/1994)

Track Information: Southern New Mexico Speedway
Address: 12125 Robert Larson Blvd. Las Cruces, NM 88007
Phone #: 575-524-7913

Past Winners: Tim Crawley (9/4/1994), Danny Young (10/7/1994), Chris Ikard (2/23/1997), Jack Dover (11/12/10), Steve Kinser (11/13/2010), Johnny Herrera (11/11/11), Matt Covington (11/12/11)

2012 Feature Winners: Jason Johnson-13, Wayne Johnson-9, Brady Bacon-7, Jeff Swindell-4, Tony Bruce Jr.-3, Danny Lasoski-2, Shane Stewart-2, Brian Brown-1, Seth Bergman-1, Jason Martin-1, Dustin Morgan-1, Danny Wood-1, Cody Baker-1, Jordan Boston-1, Brock Lemley-1, Mason Moore-1, Brad Loyet-1, Brooke Tatnell-1, Kevin Swindell-1, Justin Henerson-1, Terry McCarl-1, Jack Dover-1, Paul McMahan-1

Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV Points (top 10): 1. Jason Johnson 6,300; 2. Wayne Johnson 6,203; 3. Brady Bacon 6,069; 4. Johnny Herrera 5,695; 5. Tony Bruce Jr. 5,629; 6. Brad Loyet 5,617; 7. Seth Bergman 5,230; 8. Logan Forler 5,156; 9. Gary Wright-5,015; 10. Dustin Morgan-5,000

Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by MAVTV – A Look Ahead:

November 9 – El Paso Speedway Park – El Paso, TX
November 10 – Southern NM Speedway – Las Cruces, NM
November 15 – Canyon Speedway Park – 45th Western World
November 16 – Canyon Speedway Park – 45th Western World
November 17 – Canyon Speedway Park – 45th Western World

Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by MAVTV on the web:

All Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series national events are broadcast live on for anyone who is unable to attend the races live. Official results, points, and race notes are posted at The Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @LucasOilASCS.

Lucas Oil ASCS on TV: A full schedule of tape-delayed races for the 2012 season can found at

The 2012 season marks the 21st year of sanctioning Sprint Car racing for the American Sprint Car Series, which brings the best of Sprint Car racing to dozens of different tracks throughout the nation and into Canada. Anchored by the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series, ASCS also consists of ten different Regions throughout the nation.

Lucas Oil Products is the title sponsor of the American Sprint Car Series. More information can be found on Lucas Oil Products at MAVTV is the presenting sponsor of the American Sprint Car Series. For information regarding availability and listings in your area log onto

Associate sponsors for the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by MavTV include: Hoosier Racing Tire, Brodix, Geico, E3 Spark Plugs, General Tire, K&N Filters,, FSR Radiators, Schoenfeld Headers,, Weld Wheels, Maxwell Industries, Print Place, Simpson, Wesmar Racing Engines, and Hilborn Injection Systems.

Additional information regarding the American Sprint Car Series is available at as well as Twitter (@LucasOilASCS) and Facebook. News and information can also be sent to you with the ASCS E-News Letter. Sign up with your Cell Phone by texting ASCS to 22828.